Stars at Work – 7 Week Course at CSCS

4 07 2011

Following some of the work presented and discussed in the Asian Culture Industries Conference, an open mural course at CSCS is now being offered that examines some of the concerns arising out of the conference. This particular course is a short 7 week course by S.V. Srinivas, Coordinator of the CIDASIA Research programme and Senior Faculty at CSCS.  More details of the course are attached in this post. For full details of diploma courses on offer from CSCS, please visit here. The last date for receiving completed Applications are 15th July 2011.

For more details on the instructor visit , CSCS profile page , Facebook, or write to

Stars at Work

Course Instructor: S.V. Srinivas

Film stars are a ubiquitous presence in Indian public life today. While all film industries in the world create and are dependent on stars to reach audiences, in the Indian context they have been a visible presence in politics as well. This course examines how stars are produced by cultural industries, how they work in films and the world at large. Students will be introduced to discussions on stardom in the disciplines of film theory, sociology and political science. The general features of stardom will be illustrated with the help of examples from Indian and non-Indian film industries and cultures. Case studies from Bombay and South Indian cinemas will be analysed.

The objective of the course is provide a conceptual-critical tool-kit to journalists, art practitioners, cultural critics, college/university teachers, academic researchers and creative industry managers, who encounter stars in their line of work. Participants will be required to make brief presentations and take active part in classroom discussions. They are encouraged to bring to class films and other material relevant to the course. Assessment will be on the basis of a mini-research study undertaken by participants.

The course will be held on Saturdays, 10 am-1 pm and the duration of the course is seven weeks. For specific course related enquiries write to

Aiming to address a diverse constituency (post-graduate and PhD students, activists, professionals) the courses can have flexible timings (weekends or late weekdays) and duration (intensive or extensive) where desired. The courses can be taken individually or in combination. The fees for a 14-week course (approx 42 hours) will be Rs.6000/- only. For the 7 week duration short course (approx 21 hours), the fees will be Rs. 3000/- only. Participants can convert course credits retroactively to earn a Diploma in Culture and Contemporary Systems (8 credits required at 2 credits per 14-week course).

To Apply: Applicants should send an email to with “Registration: 2011 CSCS Open-mural Course” as Subject. They should mention which course/s they wish to be enrolled in and send in their CV. There is no minimum qualification required. Only applicants who wish to enrol in four 14-week courses to subsequently earn a diploma need to have a post-graduation. Such applicants need to send in their PG marks-card along with their CV. The last date for applying is 15th July 2011.