The Asian Culture Industries Conference is organized by the Culture Industries and Diversity in Asia (CIDASIA), Research Initiative hosted at The Centre for the Study of Culture and Society (CSCS), Bangalore. CIDASIA aims to examine the proliferation of cultural artifacts and its effects in the emerging markets and creative industries in Asia. The Research Initiative is a part of the larger attempt by CSCS to encourage the study of cultural and intellectual flows between Asian countries and foster South-South Dialogue and Research.

The vision of the initiative is to directly engage with the restaging of Culture as linked to Rights, the Economy, Governance, and in its contemporaneous representations linked with the Culture Industries. The circulation of cultural commodities in contexts other than those of their production draws attention to the hitherto under-researched area, namely the increased interface between culture and economics.

In a global context where cultural production and consumption are engines of the economy, the manner in which cultural commodities flow, the resistances they encounter, the ways in which they are localized, transformed, engenders new cultural practices and have socioeconomic consequence that are completely unanticipated by the production centre are issues that need close examination and study. The social and economic consequences that are an apparent in the entertainment industries of Asian Countries not excluding the possibility of comparative studies of entertainment industries in Asia, drawing attention to the two way movement of cultural commodities in these countries drives the imperative of research.

The CIDASIA Programme at CSCS hosts projects under the initiative, including courses and research projects such as;

  • Culture Asia
  • The Cultural Last Mile
  • The Livelihoods Project: Cultural Production and Livelihoods in the Age of the E&M Industry: Study of the Culture Industry in Bihar and Karnataka

One of the Forthcoming projects is on Cultural Policy and its implications for the framing of Culture using the frameworks of the Creative Economies.

The CIDASIA programme at CSCS has been supported by:

  • Sri Ratan Tata Trust
  • Hivos (The Hague)
  • Hivos (Bangalore)
  • Open Society Institute (OSI, Budapest)
  • The Japan Foundation (New Delhi)
  • Nokia University
  • InKo Center (Chennai)

Read more about on-going projects under the CIDASIA Initiative here. For more details on the current projects, publications, or research please write to For conference specific details please add the subject title – Asian Culture Industries – to your mail.


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